MTS-IN™ (Military Training System® Instructor Network) is the internal network. To become a member of the best army of trainers in the world you must make a monthly payment of 25€ a month. Apart from maintaining your MTS™ Licence in date you will also receive the following amazing BENEFITS:



Starting off together is only the beginning, continuing to grow together is the key to success.

Belonging to the official MTS™ register gives you the possibility to receive on a three month basis DVDs which include new exercises. You can create a public profile, (timeline, demonstrate your progress and titles etc.) The register enables you to communicate with any other member so they can know where you are working, where you are holding events and promotions you may have. You will have access to the MTS™ training capsules, download marketing materials with official MTS™ logos, access the soldiers registered on the website so you can invite them to be part of YOUR army. You can speak with other trainers and consult any problems you may have with a superior. You will have access to MTS™ visual aids, be part of a forum to share your experiences with other MTS™ trainers and a 20% discount on all original MTS™ wear, etc.